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        Alice and Law Co., Ltd. is a leading developer of formulations and custom manufacturer of unique bath, skin care, aromatherapy products, toiletry and laundry products. Founded in 1973, our wholly owned factory is the first and only one which holds the patents of bath confetti, bath fizzer and laundry ball in China.
        We formulate and manufacture for international customers who range from the largest mass and prestige marketers in the personal care. Alice and Law Co. Ltd. keeps you in the forefront of the market by keeping abreast of industry trends and new technologies. With the help of our experienced R & D team and in-house designers our company can modify a stock formulation, shapes, fragrances and packaging to meet your needs or create a new product specifically for you.
        Our internationally renowned products such us bath bomb, fizzers, paper soap, soap flower, bath salt, bath caviar bead, bath gel, bath oil, bath fizz and tint, bath oil pearl, massage oil, hand cleansing gel, instant hand sanitizer, reusable laundry ball, dishwasher ball, detergent tablet and a whole lot more of household products that are marketed worldwide.
        To protect the outstanding uniqueness of our products as well as our valued customers’rights, most of our products are patent protected and registered.

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